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Sky of Flame
Sot it is true that times do change.
Just remember who it was standing behind you,
Screaming your name.
When the world went to hell,
And the sky turned to flame,
It was I standing there,
Calling your name.
I was there when the winds came to change.
I was there when your soul was claimed.
It was me.
I was there.
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Fragments of the Prophecy
And the Time will come
when Paths of Light are covered in Darkness
the Streets forlorn and desolate
every Human Heart is filled with Fear
and Hope has long since been forgotten.
And when the Bloodmoon rises
and a Pact is made
then the Forces will be reassigned
and Mankind meets its Fate.
Thou seest,
the Master of the longclawed Beasts
Thou seest,
the bloodspoiled Queen of Shadows
Thou seest,
the Lord of ghostly Faeryfolk
Thou seest,
the Dark Angel that fell from the Heavens.
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Black Winter 32
Black Winter
Chapter Thirty-two:

He was tired of it. Tired of her attitude. Tired of the way she would just shove people's feelings to the side. Tired of the way she always thought she was right. In simpler terms he was tired of her. So he did all he could think of, stormed off the bus, determined to get the hell away from her. He let out a groan when Tara and Nirvana climbed off the bus and chased after him; he stopped and turned to her with a heavy glare. Right now was not a good time to bother him.
"Wait, Kayden." She said. "She doesn't really mean it. She's just talking bullshit. I know her, she doesn't mean a word she's saying."
Rolling his eyes he stretched his arms out and deepened his glare, "We're stuck in the middle of nowhere, I'm gonna find the nearest town and get help, cuz in case no one has noticed, we don't get cell service out here..." he replied.
For a moment the two just stared at each other in silence, she nodded and tugged Nirvana back on the bus and
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Mortal Instruments Meme by Rude-and-not-Ginger Mortal Instruments Meme :iconrude-and-not-ginger:Rude-and-not-Ginger 92 56 ... by IlonaShevchishina ... :iconilonashevchishina:IlonaShevchishina 385 25
Beautifully Dangerous
         Isabelle Lightwood was beautifully dangerous. She always had been. She was in possession of that particular type of classic, almost Victorian beauty that girls always longed for and men always went for. Her long dark hair fell in wavy tendrils down around her face, like a curtain, mysterious and elegant as a park-walk at dusk. Her eyes were silver and framed by long lashes which cast shadows on her rosy cheeks. Her lips were bow-shaped and deep pink, and her smile, when she revealed it, was luminous. She was tall and curvaceous and very graceful, all legs and hips and bosom.  
         Isabelle was very beautiful, but she was rare in the way that she was no helpless damsel, waiting for some knight to sweep her off her feet. Isabelle knew how to use her beauty. She lured you in, be you man or demon, Shadowhunter or Downworlder. She beckoned you to her and soon enough she had you
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Mortal Wonderland +The Cast+
Clarissa Fray as Alice: An average girl living with her mom in Brooklyn. When her best friend invites her to an event he has planned she is sucked into a Magical World she finds it hard to escape from
Jace Wayland as the Mad Hatter: An aloof and erratic young man who seems to have a strong fixation with his group's newest member
Alec Lightwood as Tweedle Dee: The more shy an less pronounced of the Tweedle Twins
Isabelle Lightwood as Tweedle Dum: The more open and outspoken of the Tweedle Twins
Magnus Bane as the Cheshire Cat: A suave, cocky cat-boy who hangs around Jace and the Tweedle twins, mainly with Tweedle Dee
Simon Lewis as the White Rabbit: A friend of Clary's who convinces her to go with him to an old subway station where their adventure begins
Maia Roberts as the March Hare: An out spoken rabbit-girl who sticks with Jace's group only for the White Hair, who also only sticks around because Clary is with Jace
Raphael Santiago as the Door Mouse: A latino boyt who seems to have t
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MI and twilight crossover p1
Bella's POV
It had been five years since I had changed and everything was fine and dandy as far as we were concerned.
But today, Alice decided that she'd take everyone to this Washington Fashion convention, unfortunately Carlisle and Esme couldn't make it as Carlisle had work to do at the hospital and Esme had to do paperwork as some people wanted to but the house on Isle Esme.
Anyway me and Edward were walking hand-in-hand around the isles of the new fashion.
'Mum, can I have this?' It was Renesmee, she'd picked out a bright sparkly dress that looked very expensive, everything that a normal teenage girl would want.
'How much is it?' Edward asked.
She  looked at the price label. 'It's $3000'
But before Edward or I could respond to her there was an high-pitched screams that were coming from the next aisle.
We all looked to find Alice and another girl with long, black wavy hair pulling away  from each other, an violet silk dress-top in both pairs of hands.
'It's mine!
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Well, I've finished more paintings... It's pretty relaxing drawing, painting, even writing sometimes but also sometimes it makes my head hurt too. Haha. Although I enjoy anything creative I suppose. I've been neglecting my artistic soul however, until the other night when I decided I needed to finish things and I began drawing without the intention of creating anything and came up with something I'm pretty happy with. I'm still trying to find my own unique style, so it's fun experimenting. Anywho, that's all to any and all that may read this. :)
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Artist | Student | Varied
Hello all! I have recently realized how neglected my page has been here since the whirlwind called 'life' happened. Much has happened since I made this page here -- memories made, promises broken, and many, many hardships and obstacles have been defeated and undefeated since.
I hope however after spending some times away from it all -- that I can now begin again in shifting through old photos, poems, stories and other art forms I've created over the years and begin getting them out to the world. It's time to do as butterfly and climb out of my shy cocoon, you never know the response you'll get until you take the plunge.
A little about me is I'm an amateur photographer, however, my mom is a skilled photographer and I get my love for it from her (she's also amazing at painting, but more on that another time) so many of my photos might not be 'professional' or have that feel to them, which is alright -- I tend to love the in the moment shots more for some reason.
I also enjoy art direction and cinema photography and I hope to accomplish my goal as a skilled director someday. I am also currently writing my own novel -- which my mom designed the book cover! (hopeful photos soon).
That's just a small snippet about me -- so if there's anything else you'd like to know, don't hesitate to message me. :)


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